We start with caring for palm trees since they are small seedlings, where we trim them and irrigate them, so that they can be transplanted later so that their story begins with the land and the human being.

Valley farms possess a large number of nurseries that are not limited to palm trees only, but the trees in these nurseries vary to increase the land’s shade and green.

The nurseries contribute to the rest of the valley farm components by providing job opportunities for the Palestinian citizen and enhancing his steadfastness in the land.

The pollen is the first date of dates on the palm tree, and then it is followed by the khallal, which is the second phase of the dates where this date begins to elongate gradually and tends to color to vegetables, and then comes the stage of sowing and at this stage its weight increases very slowly and then its color tends to yolk gradually then To the chakra, this stage lasts three to five weeks. After that, the seed becomes wet, as its period ranges from two to four weeks, which is the stage immediately preceding the date of the dates, as the dates now have become a sweet taste, and finally the wet turns into the dates whose skin and components have held together and hides its shell, as it is mentioned that there are Close to 450 types of dates around the world.

One of the most important foundations used in the process of planting good palm seedlings is that they are among the varieties that bear the environmental conditions surrounding them. Also, these seedlings must be of excellent and mature composition, as they are not less than four years old and their weight must be at least twenty-five kilograms. In addition, when separating the seedling from the mother, care must be taken to separate it from a place that does not have wounds or any kind of cracks, as the seedlings must be separated by the work of specialists in this process, and they must be compatible with the nature of the region, where it must That these seedlings are among the most widespread varieties in the region, so that the seedlings are available in large numbers.