Machinery and equipment

We use the latest machines in separating and packaging dates, as these machines accelerate work and increase production capacity, which contributes automatically to increasing exports.

Through image processing and based on artificial intelligence, the dates are separated according to their quality, size and shape into groups to be classified later and they are wrapped in preparation for display in the local and external market.

The palm fruit passes through several stages through the production lines where the fruit is washed and then dried to transfer later to the sorting machines that use high-resolution cameras and then the quantities are weighed before packaging to be packed with cartons to be ready to be displayed and sold to the consumer.


At the Packaging Center, sorting and grading operations are done by skilled labor hands and by using the latest technologies. The quality team is also keen on completing the screening operations in full accuracy and in accordance with international quality standards. Dates are stored in frozen warehouses at a temperature (-18).

Quality assurance

All procedures followed on our farms and in the packing and packaging center of the company are in line with the requirements of international quality systems.

We are also in continuous communication with the Palestinian governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture (for the issuance of phytosanitary certificates), the Ministry of Health (for the issuance of quality and health certificates) and the Ministry of Economy, Customs and the Chamber of Commerce (for issuing the certificates of origin and the additional EUR). With continuous checks of soil, water, and pollen grains throughout the year, in addition to conducting product checks periodically and before sending each shipment.

In addition, we train our staff on the requirements of food safety and their health responsibilities on a regular basis, and we encourage them to develop their capabilities in their work continuously and train them in the use of the packaging and use of the use of packaging equipment.