Import and Export

Dates are shipped to all countries of the world, either by land, sea or air. While all air shipments leave through Amman Airport or Ben Gurion Airport, sea shipments are transported using reefer containers at a degree (minus 18 ° C) as they depart from either Haifa Port or Ashdod Port, depending on the time of delivery and the place of final delivery. The 20 container It can contain up to 9 tons, while the 40-feet container can accommodate up to 20 metric tons. The capacity of one container depends on the packing of the product. The necessary documents are attached to each shipment. Including the commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, and phytosanitary certificate in addition to any additional documents specific to the importing country upon request.

According to the published studies, dates exports constitute 50% of the total agricultural exports in recent years, due to the consistency of this commodity with international quality specifications, which have rivaled the dates of the Israeli settlements in its world markets

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most important means of transportation in the world, as international shipping in the world focuses on it and is carried out by ships and ships of various sizes, as transport is carried out between the faraway countries by sea freight and transport is usually carried out in containers

Types of containers (20 feet – 40 feet – 40 feet large size)

The refrigerated container is brought from the port to our packaging center in Jericho using a truck that includes an electric generator, and the refrigerated container is filled in the center’s yard and then returned

Either to the port of Ashdod or Haifa in order to be shipped to the port of final arrival. The products are transported at a minus 18 ° C

Air Freight

The quantities are determined on the drum according to the airline’s flight restrictions.

Plate height ranges from 1 meter to 1.60 meters Weight and dimensions of the board: 15 * 120 * 100 cm. (Weight 6 kg) Air freight. Our products are transported by refrigerated trucks either to Amman Airport, Jordan or to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv from In order to be shipped to the final arrival airport, it may take up to two days for the security check at 

Land shipping

Land shipment to neighboring countries is carried out using trucks up to 23 pallets.