Agricultural supervision

Through the march of 40 years of agricultural work for the members of the Duaiq family, where many accumulated experiences in the field of growing vegetables of all kinds, medicinal plants and trees of all kinds such as grapes, olives, almonds, citrus fruits, Brazilian figs and pomegranates.

But over the course of the 25 years since the start of palm cultivation, many agricultural expenses for planting seedlings and the agricultural operations necessary to serve the palm trees have accumulated, as well as the development of programs for obtaining the best results in quantity and quality of production as well as post-harvest operations to sort and pack the crop And sorted, wrapped and preserved it even if we reached the best results in the world in this field, and therefore many international institutions that support palm agricultural projects have directed many countries and companies to benefit from our expertise, as a number of countries have created both at the sector level Private, non-governmental or governmental institutions requesting obtaining instructions, information and technical supervision for palm projects such as Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco and Senegal.

Where we established Al-Quds Agricultural Consulting Company with technical supervision of palm projects in these countries, and branches of the company were opened in Morocco and Egypt for this purpose.

Most of the technical supervision is concentrated in modern projects that depend on the latest agricultural technology that can be applied in the field of palm trees.

There is a trained technical team of agricultural engineers who performs permanent presence in some projects or periodic visits or through setting programs for irrigation, fertilization, agricultural operations and post-harvest operations and training for farm workers, including engineers, workers and technicians, according to the need of each A farm and a shortage.

Services are not limited to farms, just always, also to monitor developments in the palm sector at the local and regional levels for problems facing the development process for investors in terms of technology, quality standards, production quantity, and to find and solutions.

General framework for the tasks assigned to technical supervision

First: general technical services

  • Collect the necessary studies on the palm sector at the local and regional levels and the developments that occur on it, and link external information on the global palm sector with the information that pertains to the state in technical and scientific terms.
  • Follow-up to the best means of technical work globally, transferring successful experiences, and participating in promoting and encouraging the palm sector externally and locally.
  • Bring expertise and professional technicians to address some urgent issues if necessary and in the event of them occurring.
  • Providing advice and advice to project owners regarding the selection of items and any technical information for establishing their projects and expanding them in the future.

Second: The specific technical program for each farm:

  1. Study and diagnose obstacles to work for each farm and propose solutions.
  2. Preparing the water program, developing irrigation networks, and distributing water according to the needs of ideal trees.
  3. Preparation of the fertilization program (chemical and natural fertilizers) based on laboratory analysis of leaves, soil and water.
  4. Preparing a program for the prevention of fungi, herbs and insects, especially palm weevil.
  5. Preparing a program for tree growth and development and preparing it for the next season of production.
  6. Training of technicians inside the project on agricultural operations, including (vaccination, individualization, ligation, encapsulation, cutting of leaves, dilution).
  7. Provide appropriate suggestions on the best agricultural mechanization that can be used to ensure the best results, the lowest costs and the speed of work
  8. Preparing the harvesting and seeding program, drying the fruits and training the personnel involved in this.
  9. Monitor the implementation of the technical program and ensure its implementation on the ground by the technical supervisor residing in the project.
  10. Training of workers to root and plant seedlings in the nursery, especially aerobics.
  11. Development in setting the technical program and making the necessary observations and researches according to the nature and need of the trees in the project.
  12. Technical supervision of any other supplementary crops agreed to be grown in the project or outside it after the two parties agreed to do so.

Targets for technical supervision:

Technical supervision aims to achieve the following:

  • Ensuring optimal tree growth, conservation and longevity.
  • Increase the amount of production according to the ideal proportions for each variety and according to the nature of the region.
  • Obtaining the best possible quality that can be marketed locally and abroad using the best technology necessary for that.
  • Reducing production costs and increasing profitability of date projects and competitiveness.
  • Training of workers and technicians in charge of the project.
  • Developing a protocol and plans agreed with the project owners.
  • Providing the best information, advice and experiences to the project owners