From our sense of responsibility towards developing the Medjool Palm sector in Palestine, we initiated our own research department which publish on a yearly basis, scientific research papers in order to help, improve and guide other Medjool growers in the region. Some of our published paper:


Being the best in cultivating Medjool dates in the Jordan Valley isn’t an easy task. We put a lot of effort, time and money in order to try new things and make experiments from the process of planting the Palm trees until packaging the dates and selling the perfect Medjoul dates. At the end, we always pick the right and best choice to get Premium quality dates. Some of our documented experiments:

  • Stuffed-Dates

    معلومات حول استخدام اوراق النخيل في تغذية الحيوانات

  • fresh dates laddu 1

    إرشادات حول الإزهار والثمار في النخيل

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