Medjool is Jordan River’s premium date. Large, soft and sweet, Medjool dates vary in color from light to dark brown. Medjool is unique for its unparalleled juiciness and sweetness. Each Super Jumbo Medjool date weights 25 grams and above, Jumbo 21-25 grams, Large 18-21 grams, while Medium is below 18 grams. Medjool dates season starts on September and last for two months.


Barhi has smooth unblemished Yellow skin and a clear oval shape. Fresh barhi dates are ideal when eaten well chilled and is called the “perfect fruit”. Each Barhi date weights from 15-50 grams with 20-27 millimeter dimension. Barhi season lasts from August to October


Hayani has smooth texture with shiny reddish black skin, never too sweet, luscious and aromatic. Hayani dates are eaten as a snack all year round. Hayani date weights from 12-20 grams.


Deglet Noor or “Date of lights” in Arabic. Known for their exquisitive flavor with light to dark brown color. Each Deglet Noor weights 8-12 grams.


Zahidi is called “the Golden Date’ due to its color. The round an easily peeled Zahidi dates is never too sweet. Zahidi is used to make Ajwa for cooking and baking snacks. Each date weights from 7-10 grams.


Deri brownish in color, its shiny skin has a unique caramel-like flavor. Each dried date weights from 7-11 grams.


Amari are large with gorgeous reddish-brown skin. Amari dates are known for their high fiber content. Amari is eaten dried with weight for 15-23 grams per date.


Halawi dates are oblong medium sized dates with attractive light brown skin color. Halawi dates has an exquisite sweetness and sold as dried dates. Each date weights 6-12 grams.


Khadrawi has a sweet fleshly pulp with round shape and dark mahogany-toned skin color. Khadrawi dates have medium size with weight of 7-10 grams per date.


From our recognition of the needs of shipping companies, retailers and end-users, our packaging designs have been refined over the course of several years to full fill these needs. We have a number of solutions for any budget, marketing or storage requirements. All our packages are built to maximize storage space, shipping resources and shelf space - while enhancing the natural appeal of the fruit and maintaining freshness. We package our dates under the brand name “Jannah Dates” or (Dates of Heaven) with four different sizes (0.5 kilo, 1 kilo, 2 kilo, 5 kilo carton boxes). Currently, we are working on creating Medjool gift packages with different sizes and for different themes.


Whatever the quality criteria - size, color, lack of blemishes, consistency, taste, shelf-life, humidity retention the Valley Medjool box under the brand name “Jannah Dates” always achieves the highest marks in the industry. (NEEDS MORE ELABORATION, Talking about the factory with a link to factory) Our growers, collection centers and packaging house are working of getting the approvals from international standard setting bodies including ISP, EUREP and USDA as well as local bodies such as the Palestinian ministry of Agriculture.

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