System of Perfection

From our sense of responsibility towards developing the Medjool Palm sector in Palestine, we initiated our own research department which publish on a yearly basis, scientific research papers in order to help, improve and guide other Medjool growers in the region. Some of our published paper: (LIST OF .DOC FILES AND WHEN PRESSED A POP UP MESSAGE SAYS” Sign up in order to view and download our published papers and useful guides)

Dethroning; removing hundreds of thrones from each date palm using large curved knives.

Pollination; Male palm pollen is applied on female palm from all sides. Pollination is an essential sensitive process to get premium Medjool dates.

Primary Thinning; the top side of the flower branch is removed in order to get larger dates.

Secondary Thinning; half of the dates on each bunch is removed leaving one after the other.

Securing; Bunches are tied and secured firmly to the trees to prevent damage from wind and weight, and to allow for spacing and ventilation.

Caring growers make sure to fulfill Medjool palm’s needs, including water and comp

Bagging; sacks are tied firmly around each bunch to prevent birds from picking at the fruit and to keep the dates from falling to the ground.

Collecting fruits; The dates are picked as they mature. Workers must go up into the towering trees multiple times over the harvest season, each time only picking out the Medjools that are tree-ripe, and re-bagging the bunches to allow the remaining fruit to ripen.

Sorting; Perfection demands precision. That’s why our growers carefully sort and grade each individual Valley Medjool Date, first by hand to remove the bad and yellow dates, and then by machine. This will ensure that every Valley Medjool Date lives up to its name.

Packaging; under the brand name “Jannah Dates”, the Valley Medjool dates are packed in variety of sizes.

Distribution Premium Valley Medjool dates make their way to stores anywhere you are.


Being the best in cultivating Medjool dates in the Jordan Valley isn’t an easy task. We put a lot of effort, time and money in order to try new things and make experiments from the process of planting the Palm trees until packaging the dates and selling the perfect Medjoul dates. At the end, we always pick the right and best choice to get Premium quality dates. What really makes our Medjools so special is the care lavished on them by our growers. Each of our growers is as unique and distinctive as the Medjool itself.

♦ Daiq Family; the first family to start cultivating Medjool Palm trees 13 years ago in Jericho. Daiq Family is considered to be one of the biggest growers in the Jordan Valley with more than 10,000 trees planted until 2013. Also, Daiq Family farms were the first farm to get Organic certified in year 2009.

♦ Ajouri family; consisting of more than 13 members working in the farm and dividing the tasks among themselves. The Ajouri family take care of around 4000 trees working 24/7 to fulfill their needs and to make sure to get the best quality and quantity in the region. The family farm was ranked at the top quality producers by the ministry of agriculture for the last two consecutive years.

♦ Onoz Family started working in raising Medjool Palm trees in 2010. The Two Onoz brothers, Zedan and Khaled, take responsibility of Al-husseni and Der Al-Balah farms consisting of more than 3000 palm trees. The two farms are considered the cleanest and well-trimmed that even make the visitors not to believe their eyes.

♦ Qatam Family; following their ancestors, the two brothers Naser and Muhammad Qatam, continued working in their farm. In 1995, the Qatam brothers decided to replace their vegetables to Medjool palms. Each year they extend their farm and try to come up with creative ideas to get the best quality.

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