Thanks to the unique warm climate, full of nutrition water and salty land in the Jordan Valley, We produce the world's finest Medjools. It was here, among the date groves lovingly cultivated by our growers, that the Medjool date achieved its truest perfection. Each farm from our four main farms have its unique characteristics and continuously providing this timeless delicacy. Looking from the sky, your eyes can notice the green belt around Jericho, that our farms have created, starting from south to east of Jericho.

Dead Sea
Der Al Balah
Al Maghtas Farm
Al Awael

Dead-Sea Farm; Starting with 370 acre in a land than never have been planted before, the farm is expected to double in the coming 5 years. It is the nearest Palestinian farm to the Dead Sea.

Der AL-Balah Farm; Parallel to Hijla Monastery and considered to be the oldest farm in Jericho since 2000. Contains the largest amount of Barhi palm trees in any given farm in Jericho.

Al Maghtas Farm; The farm is located beside the old holy road leading to Jesus baptism location in the Jordan River. The farm contains different varieties including Zhidi, Hayani, Khadrawi and Medjool.

VTCO Headquarter; where the magic started. All VTCO projects were born and managed from this office. It's the House of imagination and creativity.

Al-Awael Farm; From its name, Al-Awael is the first farm to start cultivating palm trees in the Arab Development society with around 3000 trees.


The Arab Development Society

Charitable organization which have more than 700 acre beside Alenbi Bridge east of Jericho city. We are working together from ten years on cultivating these lands which have never been planted in history.

Al-Husini Family

a Jerusalemite family which own thousands of acres in Jericho. We work together on land reclamation and to find water supply for irrigating these lands.

Nakheel Palestine

owned by PADICO and other public investors, Nakheel Palestine is the biggest company specializing in cultivating palm trees. We work together in cultivating around 250 acres of land south-east side of Jericho, which is considered the largest palm cultivating project.


85% of our production is exported to different clients around the world. Out top importing countries are Italy, France, UK, Indonesia, India, UAE and Jordan. The rest of our production is sold to local clients such as tayebat FreshGate Co, Bin Izhiman, Fahmawi Co, and YWCA (Jericho).
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