And of the many varieties those early perfectionists harvested, it was the Medjool they crowned the fruit of kings. For years, only royalty and honored guests indulged in its luxurious sweetness, unparalleled complexity of flavor, and creamy flesh. Even the palm itself offers "three hundred and sixty" uses including needles, thread, lumber, mattresses, rope, baskets and other household items; as well as food and beverage.


Monarchs came and went, but the Medjool never lost its crown. The delicacy with royal DNA continues to reign as the king of fruits, a gourmet treat and five-star menu ingredient renowned the world over. Sink your teeth into one the Valley Medjool Date and you'll understand why. Bursting with flavor, the deliciously chewy Medjool takes your palate on a tour: from honey-like richness to brown-sugary sweetness, with detours that lead your taste buds to hints of caramel and the subtlest trace of cinnamon. So delicious is the Medjool that many first-timers can't believe this date has no added sweetener.



The Valley Medjool dates are high in potassium to help balance your sodium levels and release energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Medjools also contain copper, magnesium, and manganese.


The Valley Medjool gets its sweetness and energy from nature and nature alone. People with diabetes can each as much as they can from these delicious sweet Medjools. Also, their portability makes them equally perfect for kids' lunch bags and grown-ups snack packs.


Natural Delights Medjools provide "good carbs," rating low to low/medium on the Glycemic Index (GI). A diet rich in low-GI carbs keeps your blood sugar stable, helping maintain healthy weight and ensuring that you enjoy sustained energy without the crash you can get from snack bars and processed foods.


Just a couple of Natural Delights Medjools provide 12% of your daily requirement of fiber. Perfect for keeping appetite in check and satisfying between-meal cravings. For this reason, Muslims break their fast by eating 2-4 dates each day at Ramadan.


If you haven't heard of polyphenols yet, you will soon. These powerful antioxidants are found in many hot-climate fruits, helping protect plants from the harmful effects of the sun. Now, research is showing that polyphenols could protect our bodies as well. Nurtured in the desert heat, Valley Medjools are a perfect source of cancer-fighting polyphenols.

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